Exclusive Things about Bongs and Pipes

Weed pipes are on the table

Source: Summit Daily

The earliest humans got stoned. We are aware of this because archeologists have found bongs that are thousands of years old produced from rocks, gourds, and skulls! Over so many development, different people have still loved sieving smoke through water too cool it off and upsurge the size of their hit. The only variation between the water pipes that hunter-gatherer relatives used, and the modern-day equivalent is the skills and materials utilized to produce them. Bongs and pipes gives an even, more refreshing, sieved smoke that feels easier on the lungs to hit than utilizing a dry pipe. 

Glass water pipes are the most obtainable kind of bong to clean since they can be partly pull to bits. They give exclusive sieving because of the different perc and features. If handled with caution, they can last for a very long time. Water sieving in a bong cools off your hit as its passes through the water and it is shattered into smaller bubbles. In the process of the smoke passing through the perc and water inside your pipe, the tiny bubbles that are produced quickly cools the smoke to a temperature more convenient to take-in.

Benefits of Water Filtration 

The procedure of sieving the smoke through water is what distinguishes the bong from other means of ingestion. Water filtration has various benefits and some of these benefits are listed below:

  • Temperature: When you cool the smoke, the severity of the hit is much more lessened and is meaningfully the best for the lungs than the traditional smoking.
  • Toxins: Few of the injurious chemicals like the tar in the smoke are sieved out and left in the water. 
  • Taste: Using a bong conserves the terpenes in the dry product much more efficiently. Which means you will truly experience the aromas and tastes of the dry product as nature intended. 
  • Ease of use: Forget about your rolling papers and don’t undergo stress trying to get the ideal cone shaped roll, just pack, light and hit!

Recently, the techniques and invention that are obtainable to assist modernize this process have resulted to an explosion of fame for these ostensibly unsophisticated tools. Whether you need only the fundamentals, something that sieves but does not breakdown the bank, or one of the top glassware produced from specialist borosilicate glass, a bong to suit your requirements is available in ItsPrimo.

Types of Bongs

There is different premium level “designs” of bongs, of which few of them are stated below:

  • Beaker based bongs: As this implies, this kind of bong is a bong with a beaker base design to give you a bigger hit. The beaker base bong has benefits of bigger water tank, which simply means that more water can be used to attain higher levels of purification.
  • Percolator bongs: A percolator assist you to cool off smoke and reach an evener hit and reduced coughing. Some of these percolator bongs are Roor Tech 10 Arm Stemless Perc Bubbler and Grav Labs 16 Inch Beaker Bong.


This article has given you enough information about what bongs and pipes are and what they are used for, therefore for you to have a smoother and less severe hit, get one for yourself.